Laptop safe Point – electronic lock 'finger print scan'

Laptop safe Point – electronic lock 'finger print scan'

PointSafe P 3 E FS LAP

Burg Wachter

The laptop safe “Point” from BURG-WÄCHTER conveniently keeps your laptop safe

The laptop safe Point: The interior provides enough space for your laptop or for important documents and files.

The solid one-walled body and the compact design are optimal for a sturdy fixture in the wall. With the help of the fixing material, you can easily install the laptop safe inside your cupboards, shelves or desks.

Finger scan technology: Easy and convenient

With the electronic combination lock, with the integrated finger scan module and the self-programmable general and user codes, a convenient and safe access possibility is provided. The codes, as well as the fingerprints can be changed at all times. Due to the smooth motor powered locking mechanism that automatically opens the door, the handling of this safe is especially easy and convenient. The electronic door lock is battery-driven and therefore does not need any other power source. Four batteries are inclusive so that you can put your laptop safe Point into operation immediately. Further, the safe Point is equipped with an additional lock for an emergency opening, if you need fast access to your laptop in the case of an emergency.
Please note that the lock armature protrudes 10 mm.

The laptop safe Point from BURG-WÄCHTER at a glance

  • Laptop safe with electronic lock
  • Solid single-walled body
  • Prepared for wall fixing, fixings included
  • Can be installed in cupboards, desks, etc.
  • With self-programmable electronic combination lock
  • For files an laptops
  • External dimensions H x W x D: 200 x 445 x 380 mm
  • Internal dimensions H x W x D: 196 x 441 x 323 mm
  • Door opening H x W: 140 x 380 mm
  • Weight: 15,2 kg
  • Volume: 27,9 l

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