Care Instructions > Black Antique Products

Iron in any form, whether cast or malleable, is susceptible to rusting.

During our finishing process we make every effort to cover all areas of our Black Ironmongery with an epoxy powder coating. They are first pre baked to approximately 1500C before receiving a spray coating, then finally baked in an electric oven at approximately 2000C.

Unavoidably when two areas of metal come into contact with each other an abrasive action is enacted, and eventually the painted surfaces are lost by the continuous rubbing action. This is inevitable during the operational activity of the item, so where obvious abrasive areas of moving parts are visible an occasional light oiling is recommended. This will help to prolong the aesthetic appearance and keep the rusting process at bay.

To remove harmful deposits which will cause corrosion (this is even more critical near to a coastline, as the salt air has a very corrosive affect on iron) we advise that the Ironmongery is regularly wiped over with a lightly oiled cloth. Also note, some doors with high levels of tannins, once wet can react with the iron/steel and create black streaks. Doors must be properly sealed and fit for purpose.