Stainless Steel Disc Padlock - Circle 21 - Key

21 60

Burg Wachter


Circle 21 – The practical round shackle lock made of stainless steel

Robust, durable and easy to use: The Circle 21 round shackle lock secures doors, gates and all other lockable items. After all, bicycles, garden tools and other objects should not be easy prey for thieves. The body of the padlock is made of robust stainless steel. It is therefore very resistant to corrosion. So even after a long time, you won’t have any problems opening and closing the lock safely.

Fewer points of attack against breaking it open

What are the advantages of a round shackle lock like the Circle 21 from BURG-WÄCHTER? Quite simple: Due to its special disc shape and shackle design, there are barely any points of attack for the usual tools used to break locks open. This is because the shackle is mostly concealed in the lock body. The shackle of the Circle 21 is also hardened and chrome-plated. And this is shown with the embossed lettering “Hardened” on the shackle.

Circle 21 in two sizes, keyed alike version

The round shackle lock is available in two sizes. Model 21 60 has a diameter of 60 mm, the larger model 21 70 has a diameter of 70 mm. This of course gives different shackle widths and heights. Finding the right size for your very individual application is thus no problem at all. Both models can also be supplied keyed alike. That means: You can open several shackle locks with one key. So searching for the right key is finally a thing of the past.

Speaking of keys: The precision pin cylinder allows extremely easy opening and closing of the padlock. The lock of the Circle 21 is also made of brass, thus providing a stylish visual contrast to the stainless steel body. The lock comes with two keys as standard.

The Circle 21 shackle lock at a glance

  • Two sizes: 60 or 70 mm diameter
  • Body made of stainless steel
  • Hardened chrome-plated shackle
  • High break-open protection
  • Also available keyed alike
  • Supplied with two keys


Art.-No. Shackle Ø Horizontal clearance Vertical clearance Total height
mm mm mm mm
 21 60 8,0 18,0 14,0 60
 21 70 9,0 21,0 16,0 70
21 80 8,0 28,0 23,0 80

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